Ethical Code

Update of 27 November 2018

Art. 1 Shiatsu Practitioner works to keep his working area fair and clean. He/she receives the Customer with courtesy, accuracy and honesty. He/she will also make certain of his/her look, aspect and clothes to be adequate, so to respect the Customer.

Art. 2 Shiatsu Practitioner must not intrade upon fields of knowledge tor which he/she has not receveid adequate training and officiai qualification. He/she must supply only those services tor which he/she is qualified, giving the Customer a clear and precise idea of him/herself and his/her profession.

Art. 3 Whenever Shiatsu Practitioner understands he/she is not the right person to attend the Customer and his/her specific problems, he/she has to inform the Customer in a clear and explicit way, giving him/her an advice on where to find other more useful experts.

Art. 4 While promoting his/her work, Shiatsu Practitioner must not use inappropriate terms. Particularly, he/she must not use medicai terms, nor make negative publicity to other Colleagues or disciplines nor speak of his/her work as if it could make miracles.

Art. 5 Shiatsu Practitioner must not discriminate Customers or Colleagues: he/she has to recognise individuality and worth of every single person, regardless to one's gender, religion, race or rank.

Art. 6 lf Customer requires so, Shiatsu Practitioner has to collaborate in every possible way with his/her Medical Practitioner or other therapists who are attending the Customer, respecting the relationship between them and avoiding any kind of persona! judgements .

Art. 7 Shiatsu Practitioner has to respect physical and emotional state of the Customer. He/she must never misuse him/her taking advantage of his/her professional position. He/she must encourage a positive and active attitude in his/her Customer, dissuading him/her from any kind of dependency.

Art. 8 Shiatsu Practitioner gives his/her services to people who explicitly and voluntarily ask for them. In case the Customer is underage or incompetent, the request must be made from the one who exercises legai protection or parental responsibility.

Art. 9 Shiatsu Practitioner creates with his/her Customer an  exclusively  professional intercourse, that must be based at the same time on confidence and support. This is the reason it is necessary to request fees.

Art. 10 Shiatsu Practitioner has to keep professional secrecy. He can not divulge any information or fact pertaining to his/her Customer, unless he/she has given his/her approvai in accordance with the legislative Decree, no. 196 GDPR 2016/679 (code about privacy and protection of persona! data).

Art. 11 The Shiatsu Practitioner must always strive to improve his professionalism through a constant evaluation of his activity and by continuing to attend appropriate training and updating courses.
Art. 12 The Shiatsu Practitioner shall base his relations with his colleagues on the highest fairness, solidarity and honesty, refusing any form of denigration towards them.
Art.13 The Shiatsu Practitioner shall accept a client who has already been assisted by a Colleague only if the relationship with the first Practitioner has been defined in all respects, or if there is an evident and expressed will of the client to change Practitioner.
Art.14 If a Colleague temporarily takes the place of a Practitioner, the replacement shall cease when the Practitioner becomes available again, providing all the information related to the sessions carried out in his place.
Art.15 The Shiatsu Practitioner is obliged to avoid any form of client hoarding in violation of the principles of fairness and professional solidarity with colleagues.
Art.16 The Shiatsu Practitioners adhering to the C.O.S. association, commit to provide information on Shiatsu, collaborating with their Colleagues and not hindering the initiatives of the C.O.S. itself, following the principles of correct professionalism, discipline and seriousness that inspire the previous rules and in compliance with the statutory aims of the C.O.S.
Art.17 If a Shiatsu Practitioner believes that a Colleague has behaved incorrectly, he/she may appeal to the C.O.S. Board of Arbitrators or to the C.O.S. Board of Directors.
Art.18 In synthesis, the Shiatsu Practitioner always practices in respect of his Clients and their needs, but preferring the listening and perception of their energies to purely technical work, not treating the problem or the single symptom, but the human being as a whole.

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